Accelerate Internet Connections With OpenDNS

I dont like the result of the triks on my earlier post, because i get the maximum speed was not significant. But in this tricks, i really liked it. Why ? Because it is cheap and easy. what we do just set the modem configuration in accordance with the configuration of openDNS. Lets get started...

(make sure modem and the modem driver has been installed properly on your computer)
On computer (i'm using Windows XP as the operating system)
  • STEP 1
  • click "Start Menu" and then mouse over the "Connect To" and select "show All Connection".

    In this tricks, i'm using Smart C700 as modem. click right the modem then choose the "properties". See image below.

    Then choose "Networking" tab, and select "properties" and see image below for detail.

    In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties. Leave the "obtain an IP Address automatically, and click on use the following server addresses. Fill like this :
    Preffered DNS server :
    Alternate DNS server :
    click "OK"

  • STEP 2
  • Open www.openDNS.com with tour internet browser. create a new account if you already have not a account. You must log on to do some thing options you need.
    The default settings from openDNS usually blocked some websites that the suspect is dangerous. The block is intended to minimize the internet crimes against openDNS users. If you believe the websites has been blocked by openDNS not dangerous, you still can open it by doing the setting in your openDNS account. OpenDNS also blocked websites that contain pornographic or adult content. With this feature, you can prevent children from using the internet to access adult content.

    Your internet connection will be faster if you use openDNS. Trust me, i have proved that. Use openDNS can also protect you with several customizable settings.

Dynamic IP Addresss

For internet connection with Dynamic IP Address can still use openDNS. Namely by using the client from openDNS. This form of client software used to update the IP Address. Client size is very small, only 230Kb.
screenshot from openDNS client.openDNS Client


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