Indonesia Java International Destination

Indonesia java international destination in java. One of is in Yogyakarta or Jogya. There are different nama for Yogyakarta, senior citizens call it Ngayogyakarta; people from East Java and Central Java name it Yogya. Yogya is called Jogja in the slogan of Jogja Never Ending Asia. There are at least 3 development periods to be explained the name Ngayogyakarta existed in 1755 when Mangku Bumi Prince whose title was Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I founded the kingdom of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

The kingdom that was built on the bering forest area was a realization og Giyanti Agreement with Pakubuwono III from Surakarta. There are two kinds of candi (temple) in Indonesia Hindu temples and Budha temples in Java are heritage of great place in 8th and 9th century. Its why one of Indonesia Java International Destination is in Jogjakarta.Two important temples in Java, Indonesia. Borobudur, is the biggest budhist temple in the 9th century measuring 123 X 123 metres it was completed centuries before angkor wat in Kamboja.Prambanan, is the most beautifull Hindu temple in the Java. Prambanan is the masterpiece of Hindu culture of the tenth century. The slim building staring up to 47 meters makes its beautiful architecture in comparable.

In Java, Indonesia have a beautifull beach that you have to go. At south of central java (jogja) you will meet a beach the closest beach is Parangtritis, there are also more natural beachs in the Gunung Kidul region like Krakal, Baron, Ombo, etc. Parangtritis is the most Populer beach in Java, the most popular beach in Yogyakarta is Parangtritis offers varied tourism experiences you enjoy the scenery of the beach from the horse-cart and see the Pelicun Festival with its extradionary standing egg atraction. It is suitable tha yogya is one of the Indonesia Java International Destination. In central Java there is a lot of culinery which is very delicious. The food is not only that sweet Gudeg. We will bring you to explore the deversity of delish food here. So you can taste the sweets spicy, salt and sour jogja culinery. not mention its also include a small part of jogjalife. Thats why Central Java is suitable if we call Indonesia Java International Destination.